Welcome to Oregon Alcohol Server Permit Training's Online Classroom. $15.00 initial and $12.00 renewal OLCC approved online classes.


  • Renewal Permits, $12.00)
  • Initial (First Timers) Permits. ($15.00)

Just follow these two steps.

1. Take and pass this OLCC approved online Alcohol Service Permit Training Class!

2. Mail or take completed OLCC Service Permit Application and $23 application fee directly to the OLCC (mailing address is at top of application form) (OLCC Field Office list @ www.oregon.gov/olcc/pages/olcc_offices.aspx)


The Course and Fees:

The course and exam fee for the Initial (First Timer) Class is $15.00. (Need 70% to pass)

The course and exam fee for the Renewal Class is $12.00. * (Need 80% to pass)

Renewal Class

*NOTE: To Qualify for Alcohol Service Permit Renewal Course, you must have previously passed an OLCC certified server education course within the last 7 years.

Please be sure you qualify for the Renewal class before taking it. If you select the Renewal Class option without being qualified, you will need to re-take the initial Class and pay the difference in course fees.

If you are not sure you qualify, you can verify that you qualify to take the Renewal course by calling the OLCC at 503-872-5139 or 800-452-6522, Ext 5139.

Attention; "Renewal Students". If you are one of the many students that completed the www.happyhourtraining.com online class 5 years ago (or more), and are re-taking it again now, we would like to say "Welcome Back". You can not however, use the Returning User link to retake the class.  You will need to fill out the Registration Page again, but this time with a different email address than you did the previous time you took the course. (It does not even have to be a working email, just one that you can remember when logging back in as a Returning User.) Thank you and enjoy the class, again.

The course fee will be payable to Oregon Alcohol Server Permit Training via PayPal (or your credit/debit card). This fee covers the online training and taking the exam.
There is also a $23.00 permit application fee you must pay directly to the OLCC. This fee covers processing your application, a background check, and the issuing of your service permit.
You will mail this check to the OLCC along with your Application which you may download now.
Instructions: When you Sign Up for our training course, you will be directed to a login page.

Enrollment will be via secure PayPal (or credit/debit card). After payment is accepted, you will gain access to seven fun interactive training units and the exam.

Course Outline and Description:
The course is divided into seven units, each with a quiz at the end.
You must pass all unit quizzes with a score of 100% before you are able to progress to the next unit and take the OLCC Final Exam.
You may log in/out of the 7 units as often as you like. There is no time limit to complete the class.
The Final Exam:
The OLCC examination consists of 50 multiple choice questions.
You must score at least 70% to pass the Initial Final Exam.
You must score at least 80% to pass the Renewal Final Exam.
The OLCC examination is closed-book and you will not have access to any study materials while taking the final exam.
You will also be required to have a PROCTOR present with you during the final exam. A PROCTOR is a person who monitors students during the Final Exam. The PROCTOR can be anyone (family member, co-worker, friend, etc.) and is required to be a minimum of 21 years old. The PROCTOR must only be present during the Final Exam. (Average time to allow to complete the Final Exam is 30 minutes but there is no time limit)
Any form of cheating is not tolerated. Do not log out while taking the final exam. If the final exam is closed or is not kept active at least every 20 minutes, you will have to start the online class again. The exam is monitored server-side, so do not try to switch windows/tabs, minimize or open windows, copy, or print while taking the exam.
Logging Out and Back-in:
You may log in and out of the instructional portion of the class (units 1-7) as often as you like. When logging back in, go to the Returning User Section of the Welcome Page @ www.happyhourtraining.com/online. Enter your email address and password (both are case sensitive) exactly the same way you did at registration.
Note* Be aware that I-Pads/Phones sometimes Capitalize the First Letter of your Email Address  and Password without you knowing it. This can cause difficulty in signing back in if you are not aware.

 System Requirements:
Type of Computer:
We Recommend using a Desktop or Laptop Computer.
Tablets and Smart Phones can also be used to access this OLCC class.
Operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7, Macintosh OS.
Windows 10*
Internet Explorer (7 or higher), Mozilla (Firefox), or Google Chrome for PC's.  Safari for Mac computers. 
Puffin or Photon browser for Tablets and Smart Phones

Other requirements:
Javascript must be enabled on your browser for many of the course functions to run correctly.

You must have a recent version of Adobe Flash player installed in your web browser to view the multimedia classes. 

Download the flash player here: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If the class doesn't play, you may be asked to ACTIVATE flash again.

Mobile Devices

A different browser is required for Tablets and Smart Phones to work properly with the Adobe Flash used in the course. We recommend either the Puffin or Photon browser.
Download here.


Puffin Web Browser:


For I-pad and I-phone


For Android devices


In Conclusion...
If you understand all of the above, and your computer meets the system requirements listed above needed for the course, please continue to our Registration page.

Free OLCC Workbook

Download the free OLCC student workbook.

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